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Many universities offer some of their courses in English, from bachelors and masters degrees to doctoral programmes. These offer an excellent opportunity to achieve three goals at the same time: you can obtain a prestigious university degree, learn or improve your Spanish, and learn all about Spanish culture, art and customs during your stay.


If you’re interested

in studying your bachelor’s or master’s degree in English in Spain, you’ll find the whole range on offer at the search engine available at this link. There are bachelor’s and master’s degrees in English related to the five branches of study in Spain: Arts and Humanities, Science, Health Science, Social and Legal Science, and Engineering and Architecture.
If you want to come to Spain to study your doctorate, the best idea is to check the university websites.

Remember that the degrees available may change, and it is advisable to check the availability on each university’s official website. In addition to the universities above, there may be others offering doctoral programmes in English.


Learn or Improve your Spanish

English courses are often attended by students of various nationalities. As you will lose the opportunity to improve or learn Spanish, we recommend that you make the most of your stay in Spain by enrolling in a Spanish course. You can locate the schools by city and according to the type of courses.

Remember that the available grades may change, and it is advisable to check the availability on the official website of each university. In addition to the universities mentioned above, there may be others that offer doctoral programs in English.
Ask us to confirm the information.

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To be able to enrol for these degree courses you’ll need to fulfil the same requirements as for any other bachelor’s, masters or doctoral degree in Spanish universities. You can check them at:

–   Access requirements for degree courses for EU students.

–    Access requirements for degree courses for non-EU students.

–    Access requirements for masters and doctoral courses.



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