Admission to bachelor’s degree studies for non-EU students |

Admission to bachelor’s degree studies for non-EU students

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If you’ve completed your secondary education and would like to study at an university in Spain, and you do not come from an EU country, Switzerland, Iceland, Norway, Liechtenstein or China, you will need to follow the steps below.

1. Your studies must be officially certified by the Spanish system through the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport. If you have any queries you can have a look at our report ?When do you need official certification of your degree?

or visit the following link: ?Welcome, what ministry do you want to go to?

2. Each university can set its own admission criteria and procedures. Some of these criteria include:

a. Final mark obtained in the courses studied, and/or in modules or specific subjects.
b. Relationship between the curriculum for previous diplomas and the university courses requested.
c. Complementary academic or professional training.
d. Previous higher studies.

3. The universities may set tests in English or other foreign languages. They will also rate the various subjects in the curriculum of foreign education systems.

If you meet all these requirements you can apply for a place at any Spanish university of your choice.

Things to remember

By 30 June each year, the maximum number of places available for each course in each public university is published for the following academic year.

The universities will publish at least one year in advance of the criteria and procedures to be applied for access to the various undergraduate university courses.

The minimum pre-enrollment and registration periods depend on the data set for the final Baccalaureate exam. However, pre-rolling usually takes place between mid-June and early July. Leave plenty of time to make your decision if you do not miss the deadlines.

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