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With Australia Study España and our partner, Educando consultoría offers an impressive summer camp with new and modern facilities. This camp has the great option of setting activities and language immersion courses.

The Piedralrey Farm is located in a unique environment in Toledo capital, an area known for its «Cigarrales», large stately homes located around the Tagus River. The most immediate environment is a mountain of prosperous regeneration with a high educational value and environmental awareness and is, in turn, a few kilometres from emblematic, educational and recreational areas of the city of Toledo. Finca Piedralrey is integrated by a complex of more than 30,000 m2 with several buildings and leisure-sports facilities, a recreational area with semi-Olympic pool and children’s pool, multi-adventure park, sports courts and accommodation for 100 people.

School programs for children, primary, secondary.

Ask us about school and sports activities.

The standard program for the group but as I mentioned before you can set up with us the best camp for your students

The program includes
Transfers of students from and to the airport
One Spanish-speaking student per family.
Full Board regime.
20 hours per week of English classes. The last day is oriented to basic notions of «English business».
Two weekly sessions with Irish students (buddies).
3 afternoons a week, entrepreneurial development program, Irish cooking workshop, technological workshops.
2 afternoons of sports and group activities per week.
3 full day excursions (1 per week).
Accompanying monitors throughout the program.
Pass Bus (as long as the student needs more than 20 minutes walking to get to school).
Course materials.
Attendance certificate.
Travel insurance.
During the trip, daily information to parents through WhatsApp broadcast list.
Backpack and bracelet with phone 24 hours.


More information and reservations!
Write to us or call us directly + 61 401 300 270 


The best camps in Spain with linguistic immersions in Spanish or English


Language and adventure immersion camp in Spain. Australia Study España and Clover, partner of Spain, you offer different programs and destinations.
Language immersion program. Camp in English days or weeks of stay, to develop in the different facilities that we have throughout the national territory. It is aimed at Educational Centers that want to spend a few days outside the School or Institute, in an environment of non-formal education, carrying out unique activities of a playful, educational, educational and adventure nature, all under continuous linguistic immersion

Ask us and know our destinations.


Summer camps of 7 or 14 days, with ADVENTURE and LINGUISTIC IMMERSION in English.

Located in unique enclaves such as Asturias, León and Segovia. In modern facilities and with all the comforts.

With experienced professional instructors and fun and quality activities. An experience that you can not miss!


The Angels of San Rafael

From June 30 to July 13. 6 to 14 years.


Palace of Granda

From July 14 to 27. 8 to 17 years.


Field of Case

From the 1st to the 14th of July. 11 to 17 years old.



Trip to Madrid

Study trip, fun, adrenaline and culture.

Enjoy a fantastic Study Trip with your students in the province of Madrid.

We create an unforgettable trip adapted to your needs with activities in the installation, to which add, to the pleasure of the Center and the participants, all those activities as much cultural as they wish: Visit the Prado Museum, Planetarium, Zoo, Bernabéu Stadium, Warner Park, Karts at the Carlos Sainz Center, theatre show, among many others. Always accompanied by our team of monitors for the management of tickets, transfers and activities. You only have to order to enjoy.

Program Activities

Visits, fun, culture and adrenaline!

Theme park
Musicals and Shows
Visit Madrid
A la carte museums
Cooperative Sports
Gymkhanas or Tracks
Evening Evenings



Hotel and Hostel Los Molinos (150 places), small rooms of 1 to 4 people with bathroom,
and also large shared rooms, multiple rooms and large green areas.

Hostel Collado Mediano (80 seats), rooms with 4 beds in bunk beds,

large shared bathrooms and also, multiple rooms, sports court and picnic area.


Our staff is highly qualified. Our teams have a coordinator and monitors in 1/13 ratio.

If you prefer, we can make the Study Trip in English or French, creating a total linguistic immersion.

Adventure activities suitable for the participants. Taking care of security detail.

Liability insurance.[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]


?Madrid (The Mills)
?Avila (The Spur)
?Guadalajara (Somolinos)
?Burgos (Sedano)
?Cantabria ( loredo)[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]

More information and reservations!
Write to us or call us directly + 61 401 300 270