They are highly recommended because they tend to be located near the university campus (so you can save money on transport) and because in addition to accommodation, they also tend to offer dining and laundry facilities, among other amenities. There are different types available (women’s, men’s or mixed), and some are private while others depend directly on the universities. The main difference between student residences and colleges is that the latter also provides the opportunity to develop your cultural and sporting abilities.


There is an increasing number of families who are interested in receiving foreign students as lodgers. All things considered, this can be an excellent way of experiencing the Spanish way of life and saving money.

Ask about this option at your university or in your language school.


You can choose a full floor or a room in a flat shared with other tenants. This last option is very popular among Spanish students and will help you save money.

Australia Study España in collaboration with partners in Spain and its partners, we offer a high quality, economical and safe service.

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